About Us

About Us

Welcome to OneDadsView!

Hi, I’m Neil and this is my blog about life as a happily married full time working Dad to my four year old daughter who for the purposes of this blog will be called iBear.

I’m somewhat late to the daddy blog party but I have previous by getting married in my mid thirties and becoming a father at 37.  I feel this is a great time to start a blog as iBear approaches a major change in her life – the transition from preschool to full time education.

Our family life is heavily tilted towards a couple of hours on the evenings and the weekends due to my work constraints.  iBear has a healthy mix of Mammy, Grandparents and Nursery during the week and I always look forward to Daddy Saturdays (as iBear likes to call them). We try and get out and about as much as possible and are members of National Trust and English Heritage.

I love being a Dad and I hope this blog helps to express that love in a way that I, and others, can look back on in the future and smile. I readily admit I’m very much a novice blogger so I’m using that as a caveat to anyone coming across this in the early days.

As well as expressing my thoughts on Parenting I hope to also blog about other topics too. Gadgets, Gaming, Entertainment, Politics and Health and Lifestyle are all things I feel I can express a view on but the main focus is life with my daughter.

I hope you enjoy your visit.