Training my future Olympian.

Training my future Olympian.

Every parent is allowed to have at least one ultimate dream that they hope for their child, right?

If you ignore the standard, obvious stuff like being happy, having kids of their own, being in a settled stable relationship, good job etc etc and shoot for the moon what would you choose?

Me? I’d love it if iBear became a gold medal winning Olympian! I don’t necessarily have a preference on which sport *coughs* athletics *coughs* I just know that the ultimate pride for me would be akin to the father of Chad le Clos at London 2012. For those that don’t know who he is, google him and you’ll soon understand.

Because of all of this I can’t help but steer some of our playtime towards this goal. It helps that iBear loves to run too.

I remember fondly during a play park visit having a long jump competition with iBear, her Uncle and my Uncle using sticks to mark in the grass how far we’d jumped. To be fair iBears jumps mainly involved her sprinting through the jump line, performing a mini skip before running past our markers proudly announcing her winning effort to all that would listen.

The latest bout of training happened earlier tonight when Mammy decided 25 minutes before tea that we had no wine, or winey juice as iBear calls it. I said I’d have a run to the local shop to get some and iBear decided she needed to come too. Having explained we only had 20 minutes to get there and back she insisted she could do it. So, I set a timer on my phone and off we went.

I’ve never seen her little legs move so fast and I have to admit her turn of pace at times took me by surprise and we arrived at the shop with easily enough time to spare, iBear announcing she knew where the winey juice was before quickly choosing a “pretty” one before sprinting to the checkout shouting at the lad behind the till that Mammy needed wine and we only had 12 minutes to get home!

She made a brilliant attempt to keep up the pace on the way back but the race ended with me carrying her over the finishing line but still having time for a 5 minute cool down.

Anyone know where I can find a good javelin for her next session?

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3 thoughts on “Training my future Olympian.

  1. It’s wonderful when they enjoy something like that!
    That would be such an awesome aspiration to have. I’m not sure what my dream for my kids to become would be…perhaps making it big as a musician for my youngest, and my eldest perhaps would be a highly regarded doctor or something! She’s very passionate and caring, always wanting to help!

    (Ps, i love the demand for the shop boy to serve her too! Haha!)

  2. “Mammy needs wine…” lmao

    My daughter is in awe of planes, so its obvious that she will be an astronaut discovering something amazing or colonizing a planet. Though she would be quiet an old pilot as she’s not aloud to leave orbit until i’m dead!

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