The induction.

The induction.

Today iBear attended an induction session at her new school so she and some of the other kids could see what it was like. There’s 18 kids going up from the existing nursery and 10 including iBear coming in from 8 different local nurseries so it’s going to be a decent mix.  

iBear was, I’m told, “bouncingly excited” before going and “quiet but smiley” as she walked through the gates into her new adventure. Play it cool lass, play it cool.

All morning before leaving to go to work I was myself excited about this momentous day but as the morning went on I started feeling more and more anxious and I had that feeling that can best be described in historical fiction books as the old “bowels turning to water”. Nice ay? 

Here’s the thing – We’ve just left her at a place where she doesn’t know anyone for a full 3 hours and she’s expected to eat lunch there too! (fussy eater – to be discussed). Who knows what she’s up to?! The fact is that she’s all of sudden ready for school life and I’m asking myself where has my baby gone? I’m going to be a jibbering mess when she starts school proper in September. 

I spent the rest of the morning clock watching waiting for the phone call. It arrived at 12:36, Huzzar! It was a success! Here’s what I learned straight from the Daughter horses mouth: 

  • She thought it was the best Monday ever and wants to go back tomorrow, 
  • She did some drawings including a flower for her teacher,
  • She wrote her first name and almost managed her surname, 
  • She played outside a LOT! 
  • She made friends with an older girl who was nice,
  • One of the boys didn’t have any lunch and “he’s going to be hungry for the rest of the day Daddy”.

She sounded really pleased with herself and all my anxiety disappeared with this phone call and we both went on to enjoy the rest of our days. Her playing with Grandma and Grandad and me getting stuck in rush hour traffic making me an hour late home…. I love commuting…..

After iBear had gone to bed Mammy mentioned another thing that had  happened.  A couple of older boys had asked iBear if she still pooed her pants. She told them no but they persisted which is why she told Mammy about it.  After some reassuring she was fine.  She’s such a sensitive soul. I know it was kids just being kids to some degree;  rules of the playground and all but if there’s one thing I’m dreading the most about school life it’s bullying.  Having experienced it first hand myself as a child this is a very raw emotion but for now, lets try and park this and concentrate on the fact we have a lovely natured little girl who is very excited about starting school.


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