Sofia the last!

Sofia the last!



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One thing that has become apparent to us over the last few months is how much of a sensitive soul iBear is and we had a major emotional incident a couple of weeks ago which highlighted this.

iBear had been spending the day with her grandparents (G&G Monday) and had been watching a couple of episodes of Sofia the first, the princess cartoon on the Disney channel.  During the episode “buttercups” Sofias friend touches a plant, the Meddlesome myrtle, and promptly comes out in a rash with his face swelling up and hands becoming red and being wrapped in bandages. From what we’re told, this traumatised poor iBear to the point she was inconsolable.  G&G had to bring her home earlier than usual so she could see her Mammy.

We thought this would be the end of it. How wrong we were.  She kept reliving the moment over the next few days so much so that we had to brief Nursery that she may get a little teary (she did).  Every explanation fell on deaf ears and when we managed to get her to talk about it a little all she’d say was that she can’t stop thinking about it and it was making her sad.

As an aside me, completely unaware of the days events on the Monday, asked iBear if she wanted to help me sew some grass seed on the garden.  After reading the box I told her that maybe she shouldn’t as it could hurt her hands.  Nice one Daddy!…

How do you reason with and explain to a 4 year old that it was only a cartoon and to stop worrying about it when you can visibly see her lip trembling  and hear her little voice breaking as she’s remembering all over again.  Is this an example of her growing into her emotions?  Has it set off some deep rooted fear?

In the midst of all this iBear had decided to set herself a list of things that needed to happen to make her feel better:

–    4 long sleeps
–    A long board game (Key to the Kingdom)
–    Things that make her laugh.

I guess in her own mind she was processing her grief and working out how best to cope with it. But can this be true for a preschooler?!

Low and behold by the fourth sleep she was feeling a lot better and talking openly about the incident. But it raises mind blowing issues about how our daughter is growing and developing.

We have watched the offending episode since in the hope that we can convince iBear to finish it to see that all ended well but even now the slightest suggestion of this is quickly turned down.

So long Sofia and never darken our doors again..

Post originally written in my offline journal: 24/04/17

Update – 15/06/2017;

iBear can now talk about Sofia without breaking down completely but she still gets uptight and concerned if she sees any reference during her day.

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