One Dads View – the start of something special?

One Dads View – the start of something special?

I’ve been thinking over the last couple of months of starting a blog/journal.  Why, you may ask? Well, for number of reasons –  namely:

  1. I’ve always loved the ideas of diaries and journals,
  2. Since my Daughter came along 4 years ago I have had this urge to try to record everything for prosperity be it a quick iPhone note of her achievements or a project 365 photo diary,
  3. Quite often there’s a lot going on in my mind and I feel I need an outlet,
  4. I hope to leave something for people to read in the future and offer a little insight into our life.

I’m sure there’s more reasons but quite often my mind seems to go blank when I’m attempting to justify things (a problem I find when I’m debating anything) so by trying to get into the regular habit of journal writing I hope to get my creative and descriptive juices flowing.

I’ve decided to start off by naming my “blog” One Dads View as predominately I hope to focus on just that, my view of being a parent to my beloved daughter. As the journal grows, I hope to create sections for other things. we’ll see how this goes.

As I’m new to this game and a little wary of privacy things like names will be edited to protect identities.  The main one being my little one who shall be known in the one dads view world as “iBear”.

Brain dump time!  Topics to write about:

iBear – development, experiences, hopes, fears, observations, playtime commentary (ie: meet the family – Stephen, Katy, Rosie et al),

Gadget and entertainment reviews,
Health and fitness and my quest to be at the very least nice and normal,
Views on current events and the world in general,
A fencesitter – the problem of not having many opinions ,
Outward perceptions versus inwards thoughts.

So with that, welcome to One Dads View…….

Post originally written in my offline journal: 14/04/17

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